Colleen Ballinger Snark

Colleen Ballinger and Her Snarky Side

Colleen Ballinger is multihyphenate. She’s an actress and singer, songwriter, executive producer, and a producer. Her role as Miranda Sings is her most well-known role. She is a young girl with dreams of becoming a singer. She has over 50 million followers on social media and has more than four billion views on YouTube. She stars in the Netflix Original series Haters Back Off!

As a former fan, I have heard from many people that Colleen used to harass them for a long period of time. I don’t believe that. I’m still unsure. Colleen is a wonderful actress, but she has a snarky side that I can’t stand. She trash-talks her fans and other fans on Twitter. But I’m not alone in my opinion. Many former stans and fans have spoken out and their opinions have been confirmed.

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