Cliff Devries Accident

The Cliff Devries Bungee Diving Accident

The 1995 cliff-diving tragedy is a sad reminder of the dangers inherent in extreme sports. A bungee jump off a cliff can be deadly. Make sure you take precautions and use a helmet to protect your head. Cliff Devries was paralysed after the accident but his parents were able to restore some of their son’s mobility. Devries’ parents were able cheer for their son even though he couldn’t do it.

Cliff Devries began his passion for sports in his freshman year of highschool. His body and elegance made him a natural at the sport. He received a diving scholarship from the University of Kentucky, and dreamed of qualifying for the Olympics. However, his siblings advised him to aim for a higher office and run for president. Devries resisted the temptation to do so, saying that he had no interest in politics.

Although his injury resulted in a paralyzed shoulder, he continued to exercise and trained. He began to feel stiffer and more severe, so he sought medical attention. He was diagnosed with a brain tumour. In the meantime, the diving legend is back in the news and is now a diving coach to the Tigers. How did he end-up in a hospital? What were the circumstances surrounding Cliff Devries’ accident and hospitalization?

Cliff Devries had brain surgery and was told by his medical team that his tumor was larger then his normal. It was removed by a routine MRI. Cliff Devries’ injuries were devastating. He had gone on to become a CPA, but his life was never the same. And despite his accident, he remains an inspiration to all of us. So, what are the lessons learned from this story?

After surgery to remove the tumour, Cliff was left partially paralyzed on his right side. Cliff was also left partially paralysed on his right side after a brain scan using magnetic resonance imaging. However, the machines suddenly stopped working, leaving him unable to move his right hand. However, despite all of the difficulties, he continued to contribute to his sport by teaching. The video below shows the medical team’s reaction to Cliff Devries’ accident

Cliff Devries was an ambitious diver and pushed himself to do harder stunts. He developed poor posture while in the pool. He had done the same stunts several times and noticed that his shoulder was stiff. He finally went to see a doctor. Cliff Devries was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Cliff Devries has since returned to the sport as the coach of Tiger Woods.

The incident caused the diver to lose consciousness and a part of his brain, which was critical for his recovery. Cliff Devries, who was a former Olympic hopeful, was injured in the accident. Since then, he has had to settle for a job as a teacher and a documentary on his life will soon be released. Cliff Devries is an inspiration to many, including many RIT students. Even though he has faced many hardships in his life, his perseverance and ability to learn and grow are his greatest assets.

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