Cleveland Caviar Michael Symon

Cleveland Caviar Chef Michael Symon

The Food Network’s “Throwdown with Michael Symon” has been a culinary hit on the home front. Not only did it prove a new Cleveland restaurant is open for business, it also showcased one of the city’s most promising chefs. In fact, Michael has made Cleveland food tourism more of a priority than any other restaurateur in history. He has earned a number of awards for his culinary endeavors.

Despite the glitz and glam of being the host of a Food Network cooking competition, he managed to do something far more impressive. As the star of the show, he showed the world that Cleveland is a foodie destination worthy of a national foodie travel guide. This was a feat he achieved in large part because of his determination to do things the right way. By utilizing local, regional, and seasonal ingredients, he helped put Cleveland on the culinary map.

One of the many accolades he has received is the best chef in the Great Lakes region award. This honor prompted him to expand his culinary empire beyond the confines of the city. Today, he owns a slew of prestigious restaurants including Lola and Lolita. Both of these establishments have garnered a bevy of awards for their fine cuisine. They are a testament to the talent that Symon has cultivated. His newest venture, Dante in Valley View, is a fine example of what’s in store for the area’s culinary community.

The Throwdown was only the beginning. Michael recently joined the likes of Bobby Flay, Masahuru Morimoto, Mario Batali, and Cat Cora in Kitchen Stadium. While he wasn’t the chef in charge of the kitchen, he did make some major announcements of his own, including a culinary competition of his own. Some of the highlights included a caviar-laden tasting menu and a kitchen-to-table competition. Other notables include a “sommelier-style wine dinner” and a wine-themed cocktail event.

While the Food Network may not be a household name in Cleveland, the aforementioned whirlwind of announcements have already remade the Cleveland food scene. If you’re in the market for a meal, a drink, or a spot of karaoke, look no further than your local restaurant guru. Whether you’re looking for a high-end snazzy night out, a snazzy lunch, or an impromptu shindig, you’ll find your fix at one of his establishments.

The Food Network has more than its fair share of award-winning chefs, but it’s Michael Symon who has done more to raise the bar in the foodie arena. In addition to his illustrious achievements, he also earned the James Beard Foundation’s award for Best Chef: Great Lakes in 2009.

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