Cleo The Hurricane

A pole dancer from Puerto Rico, Cleo ‘The Hurricane’ rocks the stage with her unique style and awesome stage presence. In fact, she is known as the “Wonder Woman of Pole Dancing” and has won multiple awards, including Best Female Performer at the 2011 WPPI Awards. Here, she explains why she is so popular among pole dancers. Cleo is still a tropical Depression, but she was a hurricane September 1 and 2.

Cleo the Hurricane won the 2012 Australian Pole Dance Championship. She is also a two-time Miss Pole Dance Australia. She has been dancing for seven years and moved to Australia in 2010. She has since developed her own style of pole power and earned the nickname “The Hurricane” from her teachers at Bobbi’s Pole Studio Sydney. Steel Panther and Motley Crue are Cleo’s favourite music to dance to. She’s also a musician and plays in rock bands, including Raw Sexes War.

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