Christian Andreacchio Autopsy

The Christian Andreacchio Autopsy

If you have been following the case of Christian Andreacchio, you have surely seen the infamous autopsy. The body of this young man was discovered in his apartment in Meridian Mississippi on February 14, 2014. He was clearly shot in the head and an autopsy revealed that the cause of his death was a single gunshot wound. This case has been controversial, and substantial evidence points to a homicide.

The Andreacchio family believes foul play is responsible for Christian’s death. They have argued that two people in the apartment with him had arrest warrants and had gunshot residue on their hands. A forensic team has also been hired to determine the causes of Christian’s death. The family is not happy with the official explanation. Instead, the family of Andreacchio has sought a wrongful death trial for the two suspects.

The police declared Christian Andreacchio’s death a suicide, but Christian’s family is claiming that his death was a murder. The investigation reveals that Christian was dating Whitley Goodman and moved into the apartment with her. Christie Chatterton, Whitley Goodman’s mother, believes Christian fell in love with her son and the two of them lived together for a few years before his tragic death.

Rae Andreacchio hopes that her podcast will help bring about justice for her son, Christian Andreacchio. After sustaining a single gunshot to the head, the 21-year old was found dead at his home in 2014. Tenderfoot TV, Black Mountain Media, the podcast’s creators, offer a reward up to $100,000 for any new information that leads to an arrest or conviction.

Dr. Arden believes that Christian died before his autopsy results indicate. Christian’s body photo shows that he had developed rigor mortis, which is a stiffening of the muscles after death. This suggests that he was already dead when Dylan took out his bank account. Todd Andreacchio believes that Dylan’s message was planted by another person. The Lauderdale County district attorney has rejected this theory.

The jury did not indict the two persons involved in Christian Andreacchio’s death after the autopsy. As a result, the case has been referred back to the district attorney’s office for further investigation. There are still many questions. One of the questions that remains unanswered is whether the autopsy was properly conducted. The autopsy results may have the answer.

Although plaintiffs object to the online distribution of photos of their son’s deceased body, it is not a matter of constitutional issues. The truthfulness of the information they share cannot be held responsible by defendants. The information they share is public and is not less truthful than any other document. It is not unreasonable that the defendants are sharing the photographs.

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