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Chris Zylka and Lucy Hale Have Moved On

Chris Zylka has been a hot commodity ever since his appearance on ABC’s The Secret Circle. However, things took an unpleasant turn when his attractive co-star Lucy Hale decided she was “too good” for him and their six month romance came to an end.

Zylka has apparently moved on with model Hanna Beth and they’ve been seen out and about in Beverly Hills with Teen Wolf star Colton Haynes and other hotties in L.A.’s celebrity shopping paradise.

The PLL actress looked adorable in a pair of black ankle boots with gold plating that featured studs shaped like crosses, as well as an adorable polka dot mini-dress. For her jewelry choices, she chose blingtastic earrings and bracelet to match as the two enjoyed dinner at BOA Steakhouse in Los Angeles.

Lucy Hale is unquestionably beautiful. She’s been married twice before and is mother to daughter Lily-Rose, two years old, with former husband Skeet Ulrich. However, it doesn’t appear she’s quite ready for a major career move yet; however, their latest photo together shows she looks contented and healthy.

Zylka’s tweet was especially touching because he went on to retweet Lucy’s more subdued expression of affection and offered an earnest apology. For those without a significant other in their lives, this serves as a timely reminder that it’s always worthwhile keeping your options open and taking time to find someone worthy of your heart and soul.

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