Chicago Killed

More Than 60 People Have Been Killed in Chicago Since Thursday

The July Fourth holiday weekend has been a particularly violent time for Chicago, where over 60 people have been shot – 15 fatally – since Thursday. One of the latest homicides occurred in the 700 block of North Springfield around 10 a.m. The victim, a 38 year-old man, was outside a building when an unknown gunman jumped out of a dark-colored vehicle and shot into his chest and head. Police have not released any detailed description of the shooter.

In the past two years, Hyde Park has seen a rise in murders. There have been at least five such slayings this year. In addition to Porter, a third victim was a graduate student from Beijing, Shaoxing Zheng. He received his master’s degree in statistics from the University of Chicago last summer, and he was the third UChicago student to be murdered this year. His murder has raised questions about whether or not students from China are safe in the United States and whether their ethnicity may have been a factor.

The shooting was the target of a retaliatory attack by rival gangs in Chicago. In April, a rival gang killed the brother of a high-ranking gang member. The gangs have been at odds since then. In this case, the rival gang acted first. Police noted that the gunman’s actions were prompted in part by a rival gang. The attackers, however, have been unable to stop the violence.

The recent mass shootings in Chicago have sparked a national debate on how to prevent such incidents. While police are largely powerless to prevent such attacks, the alleged shooters were in control of both guns, according to video footage of the incidents. The attack took place on a traditional image of a parade, and the aftermath of the attack has been chaotic. Police are still investigating the shootings and determining who is responsible.

Sunday afternoon saw a 26-year old man shot in the chest in 200 block of West 87th Street. The shooter opened fire on several people who were present at the time. The 26-year old man was taken to Stroger Hospital where he was declared dead. Another man, 29-year-old, was shot multiple times in the 400 block of South Clark Street. He was standing outside of a business when someone in a black sedan opened fire. Sadly, all four of the victims died from gunshot wounds.

The suspect in the shooting at a Fourth of July parade in Chicago purchased a high-powered rifle legally and disguised himself as a woman. Police claim that the suspect shooter fired more ammunition than 70 rounds. Police are still piecing together the evidence, but it is likely that he mistook the explosions of fireworks for fireworks. The shooting is ongoing, and the suspect has yet to be captured. If he was, he should be in custody by now.

The suspect in the Highland Park attack was a white man with long, black hair and a slight build. Five adults were killed at the scene by the gunman, with one additional victim being treated at a hospital. The alleged shooter wasn’t a member the community. According to the city’s website the celebrations included a children’s bike parade as well as a pet parade. While some people were left on the spot to retrieve a bicycle, others ran through the neighborhood.

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