Chess Life Magazine Subscription

A Chess Life Magazine Subscription Is a Great Gift Idea

If you’re in the market for a chess-themed gift, you should consider buying a chess life magazine subscription. It’s a well regarded publication with a lot to offer both players and enthusiasts. Aside from its usual print, you can also opt for digital versions, if you prefer your chess entertainment on the go.

The Chess Life has a lot to offer including reviews, articles and games. For a nominal fee, you can also sign up for the scholastic USCF membership, which provides members with a free Chess Life swag bag and the opportunity to play online rated games with players throughout the country. You can also browse the Chess Life website for additional information on games, tournaments and the like. There is a good chance that your local library will be carrying the aforementioned e-mag.

There is a plethora of chess publications to choose from, and it can be confusing. To help you make the right decision, we’ve compiled a short list of the best chess magazines for both the beginner and the expert. From the top of our head, we’ve culled our lists from a variety of different criteria. Those include the magazine’s ubiquity, the quality of the content, the size and price, and the convenience of receiving a digital version via mail. We’ve also weighed in on the most noteworthy features of each.

While you’re at it, you might as well check out the official Chess Life kids’ magazine, which is a bi-monthly affair. It’s a swell idea for parents or grandparents to sign their kids up for it, which is a nifty way of ensuring they stay engaged in the game.

For some people, the most impressive feat is being able to play a high-level game without getting your hairy eyeballs whipped into a frenzy. In order to improve player performance, it’s a good idea to learn the requisite chess moves, and the Chess Life has the requisite instruction. Among the magazine’s highlights is the octet, which includes a number of interesting chess puzzles. As well, the magazine boasts a plethora of interesting features, such as the aforementioned swag bag and the opportunity to play games and engage in friendly competition.

Lastly, the Chess Life’s most expensive variant, the Elite Edition, is a hefty buck, but it comes with an added perk: a free copy of the aforementioned Chess Life swag bag, a subscription to Chess Life Kids, and an opportunity to participate in the largest online rated game in the country.

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