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Fire Kills 29-Year-Old Chase Goude of Beaufort SC

A recent fire in Burton, South Carolina, claimed the life of a 29-year-old gentleman named Chase Goude. According to local reports, the mobile home he was residing in caught fire and the results were pronounced fatal. The fire was the result of a lightning storm that swept through the area. Several fire departments in the area were alerted to the incident, including Burton, MCAS and Beaufort County EMS. As of this writing, the cause remains under investigation.

A spokesman for the fire department said it was the most significant fire of the season to date. Goude was found at the back of the mobile home when it caught fire. Several firefighters jumped the blaze to rescue the occupants, one of whom was an adult male. They made it to the other end of the house with the blaze a smoldering mess. At the same time, a bystander offered to assist, instructing them on the quickest way to the rear of the structure. While it took a while, the effort paid off. A mobile home is a notoriously prone to fires. Some firefighters knew Goude before the blaze. He was a hard-working father of three. On the plus side, he enjoyed football, golf and Sunday dinners with his wife and kids. Sadly, the fire was a tragedy and the family has lost a valued member.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for the Goude family. According to the Facebook page, the Goude family is composed of Tanner and Les Goude; their respective wives, Pam and Kim; and three small children. Their parents’ home is located at 16 Braddy Street in Yemassee, SC 29945. Several family members have been displaced, along with several others, by the blaze. Those in need of assistance can contact the family at 843-845-5657.

Not to be outdone by the aforementioned fire, a second man was injured outside the structure. Several more firemen responded to the scene, as well. One of those firefighters was an actual firefighter. The other, according to the aforementioned Facebook post, was an unpaid member of the community. After the fire was put out, the man was taken to the hospital. While there is no indication that Goude was the primary victim, it’s believed that he was the victim of an opportunistic attacker. To this end, the department is conducting an investigation to identify the perpetrators. This will likely require more than a hazmat suit and a few dozen man hours.

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