Cat Tiara

Tiara For Cats – Dress Up Your Cat With a Tiara

There are many ways to dress up your cat and this tiara for cats is one of them. Whether it’s in diamonds or lace, there’s no doubt that your cat will look beautiful in a tiara. The tiara doesn’t have to be diamond-studded or have any precious stones on it – some cats look just as good in sequins and lace.

The tiara itself can be made from metal wire. Silver or gold wire are the most popular choices. For upright designs, square wire is preferable. You can mix and match different wire types to create different designs. You can also use different gauges and add binding wire to hold the pieces together until they are soldered. If you’re using iron wire, you need to undergo an annealing process to soften the metal so that it can be used as a tiara.

Bezels for stone mounting on a tiara are made of wire. The bezel’s metal matches that of the tiara. The shape of the bezel wire can be done with needle-nosepliers. The bezels are available in several basic shapes. The band is sized to fit the wearer. The upper and lower edge of the band will be straight unless the ornament slants.

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