Cat That Looks Like Jim Gaffigan

Is There a Cat That Looks Like Jim Gaffigan?

If you have been wondering if Jim Gaffigan really has a cat, look no further. There are many pictures online of him. There are many pictures of Jim Gaffigan’s cat online, from kittens to kneecaps to nightclub cats. And although the internet has a colossal database of photos of cats that look like Gaffigan, there are no concrete proofs that a cat looks like Jim Gaffigan.

If the photo above is accurate, then Jim Gaffigan is not the owner of the cat. His wife Jeannie Gaffigan is his co-executive producer for most of his television projects and has been by his side for 20 years. She is a Milwaukee native and holds a Marquette University degree. She currently resides in Los Angeles with her two children. They have not returned to New York City since the meow challenge.

Jim Gaffigan is a comedian who has many pets. Gaffigan, a cat named after him, is one of his favorite pets. Jeannie and Jim have five children together. Both are Catholic. Jim is married to Jeannie Gaffigan for over two decades. She is the perfect wife for a comedian. Jeannie Gaffigan is also an animal lover and co-executive producer on most of his TV shows.

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