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Casa Daniela in Sicily

Casa Daniela offers free private parking and solarium access, plus features a seating area, flat-screen TV and private bathroom – ideal for any vacation rental!

Casa was known for her avant-garde productions during the 70s; while many of her contemporaries eschewed experimental sounds in favor of more conventional productions.

Early Life and Education

Casa Daniela is an adorable home with its own private pool located in the peaceful Sicilian countryside and boasts two acres of olive grove, perfect for morning strolls through its tranquility. Just 8km away are some of the island’s best beaches for restorative morning walks!

Hidden away within the 1970s Italian artsploitation genre amongst films soundtracks is Daniela Casa’s library LP from Rome born female synthesist Daniela Casa – her musical paintings bridge the gap between Delia Derbyshire, Ennio Morricone, and Suzanne Ciani while offering up female creative perspectives rarely enjoyed at that time.

Daniela had an aunt with Down syndrome whom her grandmother cared for in rural areas, without access to healthcare or education for these kids. To address this situation, Daniela created FUNCEDOWN 22 years ago as an effort to change it.

Professional Career

Casa Daniela is an adorable home with its own private pool situated in the serene Sicilian countryside, boasting its own two hectare olive grove for soothing morning walks. Plus, just 8km away are some of Sicily’s most breathtaking beaches – making this property an excellent way to explore this amazing region of Italy!

Once overlooked in favor of more popular 1970s Italian artsploitation-era libraries, Rome’s most versatile and adventurous female production-music composer, Sonia Peri, is finally being given its due attention by avid disc hunters who recognize her unique take on experimental instrumental mood music composition for film as worthy competition alongside Delia Derbyshire, Ennio Morricone and Suzanne Ciani.

Achievement and Honors

Casa Daniela’s staff are dedicated to serving their local community and cultivating honest relationships with clients. They believe in honoring traditional recipes while maintaining an atmosphere that’s both genuine and friendly – all while keeping up with modern technologies and market trends.

Daniela’s music had previously languished forgotten in defunct TV studios and educational facilities until recent years when it received renewed interest from disc detectives and salvage hunters who have given Daniela her place alongside male composers such as Alessandro Alessandri, AR Luciani, Pierro Umiliani and Ennio Morricone – her unique female take on experimental instrumental movie compositions was received warmly.

The National CASA/GAL Association 2023 Awards of Excellence recognized volunteers, staff members, judges and key community members who had demonstrated exceptional efforts in serving children who have experienced abuse or neglect. Winners were honored during a special ceremony during their national conference attendance.

Personal Life

Casa Daniela stands as an exclusive place to experience and photograph carrion birds of the Pyrenees from an elevated location of Pallars region. Both feeding points are designed to protect endangered species while photographic hides blend in seamlessly with their landscape surroundings, giving visitors the chance to photograph without disturbing birds.

Subtly nestled within the 1970s Italian artsploitation genre – alongside films soundtracks like Girl With The Crystal Plumage, A Quiet Place In The Country and House With Laughing Windows – is this obscure library LP from Rome’s most versatile female production music composer Daniela Casa. She uses organic and acoustic instruments to craft unorthodox compositions which bridge avant garde, free jazz, Giallo tension.

Net Worth

House is nestled into two-hectare olive grove, ideal for relaxing morning walks and just 8 km away from some of Sicily’s most spectacular beaches. Property offers charming interior, with comfortable furniture that exudes character.

Daniela Romo has amassed significant wealth through her acting, music and business ventures. She owns multiple properties around the world and boasts an extensive car collection.

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