Carven Perfume

An Inside Look at Carven Perfume

Carven fragrances invite you to be part of their world. The fragrances exude freshness, effortless charm, and couture spirit. Their name, Carven, is intriguing and hints at a timeless style. The scents are not only deliciously appealing, they also have a unique scent, and you can wear them no matter what your mood. The following information will help you learn more about these perfumes. We’ll give you an inside look into the perfume’s origins.

Ma Griffe was a fragrance for young women that Carven created in 1946. This scent quickly gained a loyal fan base. 2013 saw Francis Kurkdjian return to Carven fragrance design and release Carven Le Parfum. This scent has quickly become a favorite on perfume blogs. Carven’s newest fragrance, Carven C’est Paris is a riot of joy, fantasy and creativity. This fragrance is a classic and will never go out of style.

The Carven fashion house was established in May 1945. The unique style of the fashion house embodied freedom and the spirit that was prevalent at the time. The brand also wanted to show its vision of Parisian elegance. This inspired the creation of the first Carven fragrance, Ma Griffe, in 1946. The brand’s emblematic bottle with the green and white stripes quickly became its symbol. Scents have been a core element of Carven’s creative universe since then.

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