Caresse Henry

Caresse Henry – Madonna’s Longtime Manager

Madonna’s longtime manager Caresse Henry died last week at her Irvine, California residence at 44. Top Tinseltown publicist Liz Rosenberg confirmed that the mother-of-two committed suicide by shooting herself.

An impressive roster of correspondents included Hemingway, Sterne, James Joyce, Ezra Pound, Hart Crane and D. H. Lawrence as well as Eugene Jolas of Black Sun Press publisher Eugene Jolas.

Early Life and Education

Caresse Crosby was born April 12th 1892 in Philadelphia to a prosperous family and exposed to various social activities including balls school, Ivy league college dances and horseback riding. From an early age she developed an appreciation for writing poetry.

She married Harry Jacob Peabody in 1915, giving birth to Poleen Wheatland Peabody and William Jacob Peabody. Later that decade they founded Black Sun Press which quickly gained in popularity during the 1920s, publishing avant-garde writers such as James Joyce (Tales Told of Shem and Shaun; which became part of Finnegans Wake), Kay Boyle’s short stories from 1929, Eugene Jola’s Revolution of Word Proclamation among others.

On March 31st she committed suicide at her Irvine, California residence by self-inflicting a gunshot wound, according to reports by her publicist who noted she left a suicide note behind.

Professional Career

Caresse Crosby defied culturally prescribed roles of women of her time and background by becoming a renowned poet, memoirist and advocate for social responsibility. Additionally, she worked as a fashion designer, arts publisher and owned an innovative company which invented one of the first brassieres ever manufactured.

Madonna may be known as the Queen of Pop, but she did not achieve such success on her own. A team of professionals was instrumental in her successful record breaking career – Caresse Henry was her manager for over a decade until leaving in 2004.

As artistic manager and executive producer on Madonna: Drowned World Tour 2001, she also went on to oversee the careers of Ricky Martin, Jessica Simpson and Joss Stone among others.

Achievement and Honors

Caresse Henry, 44, from Irvine, California died by self-inflicted gunshot at her home on March 31st. She was an entertainment manager and helped guide Madonna, Ricky Martin and Paula Abdul’s careers among many others. Caresse leaves two children Honour Kristen Norman and Ava Caresse Hinojosa behind as well as her siblings and parents.

Friends and colleagues of Henry have been deeply devastated by her sudden death. Singer Jimmy Demers wrote in an online post that they had planned to spend Easter Sunday together when news came of Henry’s sudden demise; earlier he had written of his concerns over Henry’s devotion to Kabbalah which may have led Madonna to fire her.

Personal Life

Henry was best known as Madonna’s manager from the late 90’s to 2005 and also served as her personal assistant. Her death shocked fans of Madonna as it was reported she took her own life.

Henry passed away March 31 at her Irvine, California residence at 44. According to a statement released by her publicist and longtime friend Liz Rosenberg, Henry took her own life by shooting herself. She leaves behind two children, her sister, her parents and the Orange County Coroner’s Office, as well as family who are seeking privacy in this time of grief.

Net worth

Caresse Henry was an esteemed manager of entertainment celebrities and is estimated to be worth millions. She was subjected to media investigations into her financial dealings.

Caresse worked at Black Sun Press in Paris before co-founding, alongside Jacques Porel, Crosby Continental Editions as a paperback publisher. When she met Ernest Hemingway in 1926 he gave her the option to publish either The Torrents of Spring or The Sun Also Rises first with her company and Caresse chose The Torrents of Spring instead.

Henry was 44 when she died on March 31, 2019 at her Irvine, California residence – her death being determined to have been suicide by the Orange County coroner. She left behind two children as well as her siblings and parents.

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