Care Bear Lucky

Another Care Bear is the Good Luck Bear. This bear was first seen in late 1982 on greeting cards by American Greetings, and has appeared in many different forms of Care Bear media since then. Good Luck is distinguished by his matching four-leaf clover badge and green fur. Good Luck has two dark green blotches along his cheeks. This bear’s story is told through many stories and videos, including the Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot.

The Good Luck Bear is a great size to cuddle up to when you’re feeling down. Its heart-shaped nose is reminiscent of a lucky charm, and his paws and belly badge are adorned with hearts. The Good Luck Bear also comes with a collectible Care Coin. The Good Luck Bear is part of the Care Bears Medium Plush series. These cute stuffed animals are perfect for snuggling when you’re feeling down.

Good Luck must defeat Coldheart who has been fooling Paul. Frostbite, his new sidekick has been helping him. The two of them must work together to stop Coldheart’s “Careless Ray Contraption,” which will freeze everyone’s feelings! A Care Bear wearing a Lucky Green Laplander Hat can spread good luck and cheer to others! The Care Bear Lucky Green Laplander Hat is also great for party wear. It is available at NeatoShop.

Good Luck joins Care Bears to find a missing princess in the third movie of the Care Bears series. Good Luck rescues the princess from the evil Jabberwocky with the help of her friends and returns her to the palace. This is what makes her one of the most loved Care Bears. The Care Bears Journey to Joke-a-Lot is a straight-to-video computer animated film that has starred the Good Luck character in the main role.

Good Luck only makes a few appearances in Adventures in Care-a-Lot. Most of the time, she plays a background role. In the ninth episode, Luck O’ The Oopsy, Good Luck attempts to console Oopsy following his depression. Oopsy’s chances of winning are improved by the four-leaf clover helmet of Good Luck. Good Luck even wins the race after the clover fell out of his helmet.

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