Cardi Tries Survival

If you have seen Cardi B’s latest episode of “Cardi B Tries Survival,” you know that she goes full wilderness mode. Her episodes feature her sleeping in a sleeping bag and drinking water that she filters through a Donny Dust’s sock. The rapper says that she filmed the show because she wants to push her comfort zones and grow. She seems to have achieved that goal on and off the set.

Cardi B, a Facebook star, shows off her extreme skills while trying to survive in the woods. There are several episodes in the series where she learns how to build a tent, fend off predators and sleep on the leaves. The episode is filled with hilarious moments, such as Cardi B attempting to survive in the middle of the woods. Cardi’s survival skills have also earned her praise and are inspiring to those who watch it.

Facebook announced Thursday that it would premiere a docuseries featuring the music superstar. The first episode was released Thursday, and it follows Cardi B doing activities out of character. Episodes of “Cardi Tries Survival” will be released on Facebook Watch every Thursday until February 4, and they’re available on the Facebook Messenger app as well. The series is free to watch on Facebook Messenger, so check out the Facebook page to see if you’d like to stream it.

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