Cardi Tries 1

You’re not the only one curious about Cardi Tries’s process. The reality show has been making waves since it premiered in September, and the first season is no exception. You can also watch the full series on Facebook and Instagram. The Facebook version is 100 percent free and available in real time. Despite the lack of traditional broadcast television, Cardi Tries is available on multiple platforms and in different languages.

The show is made by Jesse Collins Entertainment and will debut on Facebook’s new ‘Watch Together’ feature. The show will air on Thursdays starting December 17, 2020 and running through February 4, 2021. New episodes are available at 9am PST each Thursday, and you can watch them later at your convenience. If you’re looking for a laugh, this is definitely the show for you.

As part of the show’s promotion, Cardi sent out shoe packages that featured her new collaboration with a popular online video service. She was also awarded the Billboard 2020 Woman of the year award and used her platform for political education and social justice. In addition to her music, Cardi B’s social media presence has earned her many followers. Watch the full episode of Cardi Tries on Messenger, Instagram, and Facebook and start getting inspired!

Cardi doesn’t know much about fishing and is a terrible swimmer. She thinks fish stink and she can’t swim. She is determined to learn as much as she can about fishing. She even managed to catch her first fish wearing a purple protective glove. She’ll learn how to catch fish and perform amazing magic tricks. After a few attempts, Cardi and Marsai become hooked on fishing and become a real pair!

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