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How to Find a Stoney Clover Dupe at Walmart

A Stoney Clover cosmetics bag will set you back a pretty penny, but if you shop in the right places, you’ll end up with a bag for less. I’ve got a couple tips for you that should get you through this summer shopping season with a minimum of fuss and fanfare. The first is to make sure you check the clearance section. In particular, look for cosmetics bags on sale in the spring and summer. You’ll find a selection of sexy duffels with cute designs. And don’t be shy about asking the clerks about a new one. They’ll be more than happy to oblige!

The cheapest Stoney Clover item in my store is $68. However, they don’t have an online store, so you’ll have to take advantage of the brick and mortar or pop into the local mall. There’s also a good chance you’ll be able to snag an item while they’re still open for business. This is especially true if you go to their Facebook page to let them know you’re there. Having a face-to-face chat with a customer service representative should go a long way in securing a deal you’ll enjoy for years to come. One of my personal favorites is the “I’m all over you” monogrammed clutch. I’m sure you can agree. It’s one of the many reasons why I’m a loyal patron.

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