Camilla Colbro

Camilla Colbro is a 26-year-old model. In recent years, she has been infamous for posting a series on social networking site TikTok of her vulnerable videos. The model revealed that her forehead was always an issue, and that she is now less self-conscious about it. Her first TikTok video was viewed 36 million times! Here are some fun facts about Camilla Collbro.

The young model and social media influencer Camilla Colbro rose to fame with her TikTok videos, gaining more than 480,000 followers. Prior to TikTok, she was a professional model and maintained an extensive Instagram archive of her work. Christian Seavey has been romantically associated with her. Her TikTok videos have received a plethora of comments and are often accompanied by royalty-free music by Kevin MacLeod.

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