Camila Taylor

Camila Taylor is a well-known actress and model, as well as an incredibly popular social media personality. Known for her sultry and gorgeous videos, she’s one of the most well-liked celebrities on the internet. Her large fan base is always curious about what she’s doing and where she’s headed next. With more than a billion fans on Facebook and other social media sites, Taylor is bound to continue to gain even more followers.

Born and raised in Utah, Camilla Taylor resides in Los Angeles. She earned her BFA from the University of Utah and her MFA from the California State University at Long Beach. Taylor’s art is often monochromatic and explores the forms and techniques of architectural and figurative sculpting. Her artwork often reflects the inner lives of viewers. Her artwork has been displayed in many cities across the country, as well as abroad, including Berlin and New York City.

Before joining the Lambda Legal team, Taylor worked as a lawyer for six same-sex couples in Iowa’s Varnum v. Brien lawsuit. The Iowa Supreme Court ruled unanimously in April that Iowa’s ban on same-sex marriage violates the constitutional rights of LGBT couples. Taylor discusses her role in the Iowa case with Fresh Air host Terry Gross. This is a significant victory for LGBT people.

Taylor’s courtroom experience is impressive. She has been involved in numerous cases, including Herbert v. Kitchen, a landmark case in Illinois. She has also authored numerous friend-of-the-court briefs in various Supreme Court cases and Obergefell case. This impressive list of victories is a testament to Taylor’s legal skills as well as her dedication in helping LGBT people.

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