Butterbean Net Worth 2021

Eric Butterbean Net Worth 2021

Eric Butterbean is a mixed martial artist, kickboxer, boxer, and professional wrestler. He has also appeared in movies, video games, and reality TV shows. His net worth is estimated to be about $5 million. Currently, he is living in Los Angeles. He is married and has one daughter.

Eric Scott Esch (Eric Butterbean)

Eric Butterbean Esch is an American boxer, kickboxer, and mixed martial artist. Born in August 1966, he is a heavyweight and has competed for several organizations. He has also participated in Toughman Contests. Esch has a professional boxing record of 77-10-4 with 58 knockouts.

Eric Butterbean is an extremely talented professional boxer and kickboxer who has a net worth of millions of dollars. He has appeared in various movies, video games, and reality TV shows. In 2009, he won the Pro Wrestling Syndicate’s Heavyweight title. Besides fighting, he also has a successful media career, appearing in a number of films, including The Toughman Contest and Jackass: The Movie.

Before entering professional boxing, Eric Esch was a high school student. He was inspired to take up MMA by his childhood dream of becoming a boxer. He began his career in boxing and won the IBA Super Heavyweight Championship in 1997. He defended his title five times before retiring from boxing. His most memorable fight was a ten-round match against Larry Holmes, who was nearing the end of his career.

Eric Butterbean’s career

Eric Butterbean is an accomplished kickboxer, MMA fighter, and professional boxer. His professional combat sports record spans over a decade. He is also a father and a grandfather. His net worth is currently estimated at $5 million. Listed below are some of his notable accomplishments.

Butterbean began his career in the early 1990s in Texarkana, Arkansas. After winning a local Toughman Contest, he decided to turn pro. He then trained in Bay City, Michigan. In 2003, he entered the world of mixed martial arts. He also played professional wrestling from 1997 to 2012. He retired from the sport in 2012. He and his wife currently reside in Jasper, Alabama.

After retiring from professional wrestling, Butterbean made his name as a media personality. He appeared on television and in films. He appeared in Jackass: The Movie, WrestleMania XV, and The Pride Fighting Championship.

Eric Butterbean’s marriage

Eric Butterbean was married to Libbu Gaskin, and they have three children together. He is now 54 years old and lives in Jasper, Alabama, with his wife and three children. Butterbean was born on 3 August 1966, and he weighs around one-and-a-half stone. His wife is also a mixed martial artist and their sons are also trained in the sport.

Butterbean had a rough childhood growing up in a dysfunctional home. His mother died when he was only eight years old, and he was bullied in school for being overweight. He eventually turned to boxing training to help him deal with his anger. His training helped him win a local Toughman contest, and he went on to pursue a career in combat sports.

Eric Butterbean’s family

Eric Butterbean has accumulated net worth of $500,000 after fighting 91 times. He has several assets, including a restaurant in Alabama and a lavish house with several cars. He has also built a large trophy case. He is married to Libby Gaskin and they have two children, two sons and a daughter.

Eric Butterbean was born and raised in Jasper, Alabama. He lost his mother when he was eight years old. His mother died when he was in school, so he was often overweight. He later married Libbu Gaskin and they have three children, two of whom are mixed martial artists. Butterbean is married to Libby Gaskin and they live in Jasper, Alabama.

Butterbean was born in 1966. He was working on floors in Addison, Alabama, when he decided to become a professional fighter. He then trained in Bay City, Michigan, where he won a tournament called the Toughman Contest. He began his career as a boxer after winning the tournament.

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