Bunk’d Gwen

Lucifer and Bunk’d Gwen Coming Back to Netflix This Summer!

Lucifer and Bunk’d Gwen are coming back to Netflix this summer! The stars of the show have confirmed the revival of their respective shows. Lucifer is coming back for the fifth season, and Bunk’d Gwen is coming back for its sixth season. Both shows will be revived in summer 2020. The show can also be viewed on HULU or Amazon Prime. These shows can be streamed anywhere!

Gwen convinces Sean, Ava’s childhood friend, to come visit her for Ava’s birthday. Sean maintains a blog that documents his travels around the globe. Gwen hopes that he will write an article on Camp Kikiwaka. Unfortunately, Sean is a liar, and he is in danger of getting eaten by a moose. Gwen is there to save Sean and bring him back to life.

In season four of Bunk’d, Keimond Bell will play the Grizzly camper Tyler. Malachi Barton, Trevor, and Trevor are also joining her. These three will be the main characters of the fifth season. The new season of Bunk’d will premiere in 2021. We are so excited to see more of these characters return to our screens! Keep watching! The new season is sure to be amazing!

After the premiere of Season 1, Lou and Gwen move to their new home in San Diego. They are eager to start enjoying their new life and move on to their next place. But the first week at the new camp is not easy. Lou is worried that the new camp will fail, but the kids love it. Ravi and Matt are sad to be without their counselors, and they are also annoyed by Noah. Gwen is introduced to the Extreme Team by Ava, who enjoys extreme outdoor activities. Destiny, however, has other plans in store for her.

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