Bryan Johns

Bio of Bryan Johns

Bryan Johns was born on August 5, 1982 in Canada and is a former competition swimmer who grew up in Richmond, British Columbia where he trained with the Aquanauts and Racers swim clubs.

He is a professor at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School and his research focuses on how people can endanger their careers by acting unethically, negotiating ineffectively and sleeping inadequately.

Early Life and Education

Bryan Johns’ early life was filled with hardships and heartaches. He was born with Leigh disease, a genetic disorder that destroys the energy-producing mitochondria in his cells, making it difficult for him to walk or move around.

He was able to survive this disease with the support of his family and friends. In order to remove his left testicle, he underwent radical orchiectomy surgery and then started an intense chemotherapy regimen.

His mother, Anne, collaborated with experts in testicular cancer and head and neck surgery to make sure he received the care he needed. Fortunately, he overcame the disease and went on to lead a fulfilling and productive career.

He is now an award-winning futurist, researcher, writer, speaker, consultant and teacher working on higher education’s future. Recently he released Academia Next: The Futures of Higher Education for Johns Hopkins University Press and is currently working on a book about universities in the age of climate crisis.

Professional Career

Bryan Johnson is an accomplished entrepreneur, having taken on various projects throughout his career. He currently owns and operates several businesses, including The Freestyle Boys podcast.

He currently serves as director of a business development team at a stealth biotechnology company, offering him an insightful perspective and working with people across disciplines – from scientists to CEOs.

He boasts an impressive professional background and is driven to achieve his objectives. An open-minded individual, he loves sharing his story with others and believes that transparency is essential for anyone chasing after their dream; it helps keep people engaged in a constructive and honest manner, ultimately helping them reach success.

Achievements and Honors

Brian Johns is an accomplished professional with extensive leadership and programming expertise. As president and CEO of CultureWorks, a nonprofit organization that brings the arts and culture community together to collaborate on initiatives that support Richmond’s vibrant arts and culture sector, Brian johns possesses both leadership and programming expertise.

His current role requires him to design and implement programs that promote a sustainable economic climate, build workforce capacity, foster entrepreneurship and offer low-income individuals career pathways for success.

He has served as a senior associate at Casey Family Programs, where he coordinated strategic grant making and cross-foundation collaboration to improve outcomes for youth in foster care. In addition, he held executive roles within the business and finance industries where he focused on the growth of small, minority-owned, and community-based businesses.

Personal Life

His career as a chemist has seen bryan johns devote considerable effort to the creation of novel molecules with positive global impacts. One such compound ultimately led to the development of an HIV treatment drug now used worldwide.

Johns is now determined to find a cure for HIV. To this end, he’s joined forces with UNC-Chapel Hill HIV Cure Center in pursuit of research that could offer such an opportunity.

He owns and operates an innovative brain-body clinic in Minneapolis, Minnesota where he treats depression, anxiety, PTSD and ADHD. Furthermore, he’s a Diplomate of the American Psychiatric Association.

Net Worth

Johnson amassed his fortune through the sale of his payment processing firm, Braintree, for $800 million. Additionally, he invested in venture capital firm OS Fund which invests in startups founded by inventors and scientists.

He boasts a net worth of around nine figures. Additionally, his large house in California serves as the source of much of his wealth.

Bloomberg News reports Johnson has been spending $2 million annually on a regimen designed to make him look 37 years old. This strict regimen involves exercises and meditation, all overseen by 30 regenerative health experts and doctors.

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