Brooklinn Khoury Dog Put Down

Brooklinn Khoury’s Dog Put Down

Brooklinn Khoury was about to shoot her first major TV commercial when she was attacked by a dog. She had been visiting a family member when the dog lunged at her. The dog, a Shih Tzu, was put down because it had bitten her face and neck. After the attack, she spent three days in the hospital. Her agent then asked her if the commercial was something she would like to do. Khoury decided to document her recovery via YouTube and her first video has received almost 200,000 views.

Fortunately, Brooklinn Khoury is now home and recovering. Despite the tragedy, she continues to stay busy through social media and has uploaded numerous videos documenting her journey. She is active on Instagram using the handle @brooklinnkhoury She is currently dating Chloe Lukasiak. As for her boyfriend, the two are still in a relationship.

When Brooklinn Khoury was attacked by a pitbull, she was just hanging out with her cousin in Gilbert, Arizona. She leaned down to stroke her cousin’s pitbull. Khoury quickly cropped the photo after she saw the zit. Brooklinn’s friend rushed to her side to help. During the surgery, Brooklinn was told that her upper lip couldn’t be saved. But Chloe, who was never the least bit worried, didn’t even bat an eyelid.

Khoury has opened up about her ordeal on social media over a year after the dog attack. She has shared her recovery process on her page, and hopes her story inspires others. The video below shows her recovery from the attack by a pitbull. Brooklinn Khoury now has a new outlook after a year of hiding behind masks.

Khoury has undergone her first of five cosmetic surgeries. The latest was a skin transplant from her arm. Khoury will need to undergo four more procedures before her upper lips can be fully restored. Khoury has been posting photos of her recovery on social media including Instagram. Lukasiak, a former Chicago Bears player, also gave her a special tribute. Mike Lukasiak, the dog’s owner, said that his dog “withstood all the test of time.”

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