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Bad Hair (Movie Review)

This period piece is set in 1989, and Black women are still feeling pressure to change their natural hair styles even in 2020. Even today, as California became the first state to pass the CROWN Act, a law that bans discrimination based on a woman’s natural hair style, women are still being pressured to cut their hair in order to be accepted by the workplace. The series follows Anna (Elle Lorraine), who struggles with workplace bias, and eventually gets a weave to fix her problems.

Bad Hair follows Anna Bludso, a young Black woman trying to get into the entertainment business. After receiving a rejection letter from a popular music television station, she tries her hardest to get noticed, but her hair and her career suffer due to her inability to keep up with the demands of her new hairstyle. The film is an ensemble piece, with performances by Lena Waithe, Vanessa Williams, Laverne Cox, Jay Pharoah, Kelly Rowland, and Usher.

Even though Anna’s hair is terrible, it is not good enough for it to be a masterpiece. The film’s main focus is on Zora and Anna, but that’s just one flaw. The movie attempts to make a point on the dangers of false hair and the mainstream definitions of beauty. It fails to convey the message it wants to.

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