Brett And Vashti Seacat

Brett and Vashti Seacat

Whether you agree with the actions of Brett and Vashti Seacat or not, you must be aware of the fact that BS filed for divorce in a court of law. This has resulted in BS forging documents and threats of expose to the public Vashti’s activities. He has also slammed a 50 year old against a concrete wall and has a feeling of guilt for killing his wife.

BS threatened to expose Vashti’s affairs

BS threatened to expose Vashti’s affairs. That’s not a good thing to do to a woman. A husband will respond to such a threat in anger. And a wife will look down on such a man. And Vashti was no exception.

BS had told Vashti that if she filed for divorce, he would take her kids. But Vashti refused his offer. She was also suffering from major depressive disorder. She had been diagnosed in high school and had a diagnosis for three years prior. She was also very beautiful and had a royal position.

BS had a dream that he killed Vashti. But he couldn’t get her to open her eyes. He knew she was in the bedroom. And he knew her bed was on fire. He saw the fire, too. He went to the bedroom and saw it in two places. He called her parents to come get her boys.

BS felt guilty for killing Vashti by his own hand

BS Seacat felt guilty for killing his wife Vashti Seacat by his own hand. Vashti Seacat is a survivor of child sex abuse and HCG abuse. She was diagnosed with major depressive episode going back to high school. She had 10,000 pages of discovery. She also had seven expert witnesses testify.

BS was arrested for killing his wife Vashti Seacat. He woke her up one night with a dream about killing her. He was barefoot and a little blustery on his left foot. He said he wanted to find out what to tell his boys. He made notes. They included her family members’ phone numbers. He called her family member and made a note.

He then went to her bedroom, where he saw a fire. He then called her parents to come get their two sons. He was also going to take the boys to get them out of the house. BS was concerned about Vashti filing for divorce. He wanted to make it look like Vashti committed suicide. He also threatened to burn down her house if she did.

BS filed for divorce

BS, a former police officer, is on trial in Wichita, Kansas, for the murder of his wife, Vashti. He is also accused of setting their home on fire. He is charged with first degree murder and aggravated arson.

The day before Vashti was killed, Brett Seacat was upset that she filed for divorce. He was also angry that she was kicking him out of the house. He went to her house to try and find her keys, and threatened to expose her affairs. He also tried to make it look like she had killed herself, but she shot herself instead. He also tried to set the house on fire to cover it up.

The day before Vashti died, BS had a dream that he killed her. He told her that if she filed for divorce, he would take her kids. He also told her that he had five friends. When BS got to the house, the bedroom wasn’t on fire, but he saw a flame in the master bedroom. He went up the stairs, reached through the flames, and pulled her out of the bed.

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