Brandon Stalker Obituary Toledo Ohio

The Brandon Stalker Obituary

Stalker, a police officer from Toledo, Ohio, was the 32nd to die in the line of duty in the city of Toledo in the past year. He was also the second officer to be killed in the line of duty in the city of toledo in the past six months.

Stalker was a member of the Toledo Police Department since July of 2018. He joined the department in the summer of 2018 after graduating from Whitmer High School. Stalker was a big fan of baseball and roller skating. He loved playing travel ball, and even coached a baseball team at Whitmer after school.

The Toledo police have had their fair share of ups and downs over the past few months. On January 18, a manhunt ended in a standoff, which resulted in the death of Officer Brandon Stalker. Stalker was stationed on the perimeter of the incident when the suspect, a gun-toting lunatic, opened fire on the officers. He was hit by one of the shots and later succumbed to his injuries.

The Toledo Police Department has suffered an unprovoked loss, but it wasn’t all bad. The community has rallied around Stalker’s family, and a number of fundraisers have been held. The community has been invited to donate pet food and other items, and to attend a candle lighting ceremony.

As the community celebrates the life of Stalker, it is important to remember that he was only 24 years old. He was a Whitmer High School graduate and a member of the Toledo Police Department, which is the oldest in the state. He also had a passion for hockey, which led him to be an assistant coach in the Toledo Ice hockey club. He was also a proud Toledo Police Academy alum.

There is no shortage of tributes and homages to Stalker on social media, and in the news. The Toledo Police Federal Credit Union has set up a memorial fund to help Stalker’s family. There is also a GoFundMe page set up for the family.

Although Stalker’s life was cut short by a random act of violence, the community did its part by showing their support. The one-year anniversary of the incident was marked by a slew of ceremonies, including a candlelight vigil at Washington Junior High School and a televised press conference. Several police departments in the area have posted their own tributes to Stalker on social media.

The best way to honor Stalker is to show him that he is not alone. The Stalker’s family is asking for donations in his name to support their family and to keep the memory of his bravery alive. You can make a donation online by clicking the “Share Memories” tab above. You can also send a message to the Stalker family by clicking the “Message” tab at the top of the page. Lastly, you can leave a comment below. This is an opportunity to pay your respects to a true American hero, and to thank him for his selfless service to the city of Toledo.

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