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Love During Lockup Season 2 – Exclusive Clip From Tai’s Daughter

In season 2 of Love During Lockup, Tai Simpson is back for more jailbird romance. She’s dating a number of men in jail, including her #1 man Hottie who is about to propose, but is she ready?

She’s also talking to inmate BB and new squeeze Dough Boy. But when her boss at the funeral home, Rinaldo, starts to have feelings for her, she’s tempted to go for a safe choice.

Then, Tai’s friends try to get to the bottom of why such a catch always goes for troubled men, but they’re not sure if they can keep up with her.

Her felon love is back to shake things up, though! She’s been looking forward to walking down the aisle with Tai, but her fiance’s ex is back in town. He’s planning to take his place in the wedding. When Tai confronts Boston about it, she’s not happy about it. She wants to know if this was really a relationship, or just a con.

It’s clear that Tai is still struggling with her past, but she’s determined to move on with her life. She even has an engagement ring. But will she be able to put the past behind her and start a new life with her felon love?

Tai’s daughter Delaney doesn’t like her mother’s prison love connections. She’s not happy about how she spends her time and isn’t pleased with the way she’s wasting it on a guy who has cheated before.

In an exclusive clip obtained by Distractify, her daughter tells Tai exactly how she feels about her choices in men. She’s upset about Tai’s choices in jailbirds, and doesn’t agree with her mom’s decision to date men in prison.

She has a lot of questions about why Tai is so focused on finding a spouse from an inmate, and how it’s affecting her relationships with her family. She’s so desperate to find a husband that it’s causing her to lose sight of what’s important.

On a more serious note, it’s hard for Tai to be honest with her daughter about her dating habits. She’s been a little stray, and she admits that filming the show has helped her become more truthful with her family about it.

This week on Love During Lockup, Tai will face her biggest challenge yet: trying to make it work with her felon love and all of the other men she’s pursuing at the same time. She’s about to get engaged and is talking to multiple men in jail, but her engagement could be jeopardized if she ends up meeting the right person in the real world.

Fans can watch the latest episode of Love During Lockup on Friday, November 18 on WE tv. You can also stream it live on Philo, DirecTV Stream and fuboTV.

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