boris kodjoe with hair

Boris Kodjoe With Hair

Boris Kodjoe’s hair is the best when it comes to celebrities. The guy is always in the spotlight, whether it’s at sporting events, award shows, or just on his TV show “Soul Food.” Many women wish they could have his hair. But if you’re one of those women, don’t worry! This video of Boris Kodjoe with hair has got you covered.

Boris Kodjoe’s new hairstyle has gotten a lot of attention lately, and we’re all curious how the celebrity got his shiny, platinum-blonde locks. After all, there are five other famous men with the same birthday as him, and they all have hairstyles that make us want to copy them. How do you choose the best? Here are a few recommendations.

Before becoming a father, Boris Kodjoe had a full head of hair. He even posted a throwback photo of himself with his full head of hair. He also called out those who have thin hair. The photo shows how the actor dealt with his hair loss after becoming father. Fans praised his appearance and expressed admiration for his decision not to be confident.

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