Blue Or Pink Smoke Bombs

Blue Or Pink Smoke Bombs – A Popular Choice For Gender Reveal Parties and Photo Shoots

Blue or pink smoke bombs have become a go-to choice for gender reveal parties and photo shoots around the world, due to their ease of use and non-toxic smoke that creates an unforgettable moment in time for you and your guests.

Video footage of a pregnant woman revealing the gender of her baby via smoke emitted from two handheld smoke bombs has gone viral, with people sharing their experiences online in all shapes and sizes. Mandy Smith, 24, from Texas who is expecting her second child, was caught on camera activating these gadgets at a recent party.

She set up two colorful canisters as a pyrotechnic display, sending out billows of vibrant fog that was both dramatic and breathtaking. Luckily, her guests managed to escape without needing a trip to the emergency room.

Best of all, these smoke bombs are safe to use and biodegradable – you could even use them to test your air conditioning system!

One of the most remarkable features is that these devices only last 20 minutes before needing to be discarded or put out of sight. After that, it’s best to dispose of them properly.

Plus, they have been tested and proven safe for children and pets. Furthermore, these items are easy to use, coming in various colors that will fit any theme perfectly.

They’re perfect for creating creative videos to share with friends and family. Just make sure you read all instructions carefully before using these smarms!

Our Blue and Pink Smoke Bombs come in a range of sizes and styles to meet your requirements. Get in touch today to discover how these products can make your next event an incredible success!

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