Blake Leibel Crime Scene Pictures

Blake Leibel Crime Scene Pictures Revealed

A gruesome series of crime scene pictures have been released in the case of Blake Leibel, who was found guilty of killing his girlfriend in 2016. In these images from the murder trial, you can see how Leibel brutally tortured and killed his girlfriend, Iana Kasian.

Kasian, who was born in Ukraine and moved to Los Angeles to become a model, was overjoyed to be in a relationship with Leibel, who appeared to have risen to the top of the Hollywood social ladder with his money and fame. The couple had their baby daughter together and shared a spacious West Hollywood apartment.

When Kasian gave birth to their daughter, Diana, in early June 2016, Leibel became jealous of the attention she lavished on the baby and grew increasingly upset with her about her relationship with another man. He also threatened her with a sexual assault charge, according to prosecutors.

In a chillingly similar way to the graphic novel he co-wrote years ago, Leibel killed his girlfriend in their West Hollywood home in May 2016. He then cut her ear and scalp, drained most of her blood and left her lifeless.

Leibel, the son of a wealthy Canadian real estate developer, had inherited millions from his mother when she died in 2011. His father, Lorne Leibel, was credited with building more than 30,000 homes throughout Canada and was a former Olympic sailor.

Before he was charged with murder in the torture death of his fiancee, Kasian, he had never been in prison or had any previous criminal record. But when he was arrested in May, police found evidence that he had barricaded several doorways and locked himself in the bedroom of their West Hollywood apartment with Kasian’s body.

Then, he took out a green paring knife and began to rip and cut the woman’s hair. He drained her blood with the savage methods depicted in the book, “Syndrome.”

Deputy District Attorney Beth Silverman told jurors at closing arguments that the murder was patterned after a graphic novel Leibel funded and helped develop. She said the crime was so grotesque that words failed to convey it adequately, even though photos of Kasian’s severed scalp and ear flashed on a screen during the trial.

In addition to the first-degree murder charge, the jury found Leibel guilty of two other crimes. These include aggravated mayhem and torture, both of which carry additional sentencing obligations and make him eligible for the death penalty.

At the end of the trial, jurors were asked to write down what they thought of Leibel’s actions. Then, a clerk stepped forward to read out the verdict.

The jurors listened as the clerk described the gruesome details of the death. Some shook their heads, while others whimpered and buried their head in their hands. A few even held their phones up to take pictures of the gruesome crime scene pictures.

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