Black Selfie

The Pose Experience – A Black Selfie Experience

Since the Trayvon Martin trial, black selfies have been circulating on social media and have helped to shape a nuanced narrative of blackness. Social media platforms such as Twitter have become a contagious arena for opinion-making and networking. In addition, black selfies have become an expression of the desire to incorporate racial embodiment into one’s digital self. Racial minorities have begun using selfies as a tool for visual activism and DIY photography.

The Pose Experience is the first Black-owned pop-up selfie experience, and it’s only been open for a few weeks! Tickets for the event are selling fast! General admission tickets cost $28, and give participants 45 minutes to try out 10 interactive experiences. However, the space is limited to 10 attendees at a time, so be sure to reserve your spot as soon as possible. Listed below are a few of the more popular experiences.

BlackOutDay is an annual initiative by Tumblr. It promotes the motto “black is beautiful.” Participants are encouraged to show off their black skin to make themselves attractive and appealing. This message can be conveyed through the selfie, which focuses on facial expressions. BlackOutDay selfies are an excellent example of this. This hashtag trend can be seen on Tumblr where users share photos.

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