Black And Decker Dustbuster Advanced Clean

Black and Decker Dustbuster AdvancedClean+ Pet

The AdvancedClean+ Pet dustbuster by Black+Decker is cordless and can be used with pets. It comes with a turbo brush to remove pet hairs and a crevice and extension tool. However, the vacuum doesn’t get as much pet hair out of carpets as the Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro+, which we reviewed in a separate review.

The Black+Decker AdvancedClean+ pet vacuum does a great job cleaning bare floors, unlike other vacuums. It can pick up most pet hair but does struggle when it comes to picking up cereal or rice. The Hoover ONEPWR cordless handheld vacuum has a similar design, but it picks up smaller particles better. Overall, it is a good option for the price. We recommend the iRobotH1 even though the Black+Decker AdvancedClean+ Pet can do a fantastic job on carpet.

To speed up tidying up, the Black and Decker dustbuster features an extra-widenozzle. The dustbin can be quickly removed for quick emptying. The cordless hand vacuum comes with a base charger for convenient charging. With a cordless vacuum, it is easy to keep the power on. It is easy to empty the 750 mL dustbin. In addition, the dustbuster AdvancedClean slim cordless hand vacuum is designed with a wide suction head to get the toughest spots.

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