Blac Chyna Vs. The Kardashians Is Officially Underway

Blac Chyna Vs. the Kardashians is Officially Underway

Blac Chyna is officially underway with her lawsuit against the Kardashian family. After claiming that her reality show was killed by the Kardashian family, Blac Chyna filed suit five years back for $100 million. The trial will last 10 days and include testimony from Kim Kardashian and Ryan Seacrest. Blac Chyna also claims that Kris Jenner and her family took advantage of her.

The court case will begin on Monday with several Kardashian women in attendance. Kim, Kris, Kylie and Khloe Kardashian will be in court to take part in the jury selection process. Rob Kardashian is notably absent from the proceedings, which could be a surprise given the fact that he was a direct contributor to Chyna’s initial show. Nonetheless, 40 people have been summoned as potential jurors. Lawyers are examining their questions in an attempt to find a fair jury.

Rob and Chyna are currently being tried. They are facing separate trials in May. The lawsuit accuses them of defamatory statements on their social media accounts. Rob is also accused of extortion and assault and battery. The case is also a revenge-porn case against the Kardashian family. Chyna accuses Rob, claiming that he posted private nude photos to his Instagram account without her consent.

After Chyna’s reality TV show was cancelled, the lawsuit was filed. Chyna had accused Kardashians of having a personal vendetta. Although the lawsuit has been stalled for many years, it is finally being heard in court. The Kardashians denied Chyna’s claims and offered several reasons for the cancellation. They have also repeatedly denied any personal vendetta against Chyna, suggesting that the cancellation was caused a series of events.

Rob Kardashian was the most recent person to testify against Chyna. According to the lawsuit, Chyna allegedly threatened Rob with an iPhone charger during a video call and ransacked his bedroom. She also reportedly threw a chair at Rob’s car. Several witnesses for E! Bunim-Murray Productions and Chyna stated that Rob was not present during the attack. This would render the lawsuit inadmissible.

A transcript of the trial in courtroom will also be made public. The jury will hear evidence about the relationship between Rob Kardashian and Chyna. Chyna denied the allegations, but she did allege that the Kardashians were in the room at the time of the breakup. The trial is expected last between seven and ten working days. Although there are no other details, it is sure to be an entertaining experience for fans.

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