Bitwit Divorce

Bitwit Divorce Announcement

Those who have seen “Bitwit” on YouTube have no doubt heard about the recent Bitwit divorce. The couple recently announced their split, but the public was confused as to what was happening. The couple had been together for many years and people were puzzled by their disappearance from social media. But, after a short period of silence, Kyle took to his YouTube page to explain why he filed for divorce.

Heather deCaussin and Kyle Hansen, who were known for being fun and entertaining vloggers on the popular Bitwit website, have announced their divorce. The couple, who met in 2010 and married in 2015, have been separated since 2021. Although the announcement of their divorce is not surprising, fans should be prepared for drama. They will get back on their feet. The YouTube channel will no longer be the same without the pair.

It is not clear if Bitwit founder is still involved in the company. Hansen released a statement confirming his separation from Bitwit in January 2021. He also gave an update about his life. Hansen’s channel wrkhrs3 has more videos than Bitwit. He has also dyed his hair pink, and has taken part in a Reddit roast. DeCaussin posted three videos since her personal update.

In a statement, Kyle Bitwit stated that he would continue to create beautiful content and make sure that his fans are happy. Kyle Bitwit is doing well, despite the difficult situation. After a horrible incident, Bitwit website owner has found a way to make his life easier. You can visit Small Celebrity for more articles on Bitwit’s new life and future. It will be a great decision. You will have plenty of time to find the right partner.

Bitwit shared content on YouTube with Heather deCaussin before settling for divorce. They were formerly married and had 2.4 million subscribers. Bitwit vlogged together, and they were also known as AwesomeSauceNews. His real name is Kyle Hansen and he is 33 years old as of December 2021. He is 33 years old as his birthday falls on October 9.

Hansen announced the creation of a new Twitch channel as well as a YouTube account. He also promised to put more effort into these channels. He vowed to keep Bitwit going, despite the divorce. DeCaussin also posted an update to his YouTube channel. Although it was shorter than Hansen’s update, both deCaussins and Hansen acknowledged the split and thanked their fans and family members for their support.

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