Billy Idol Costume Ideas

Billy Idol Costume Ideas

Billy Idol is the music king of rock and roll, and there’s no denying that his songs have become part of our cultural lexicon. It’s not surprising, considering he’s been covered by everyone from Queen to Tom Jones and duetted with a few legends of the genre like Joni Mitchell.

He also got his fair share of controversy, so it’s no surprise that the guy has been deemed one of the top ten most influential figures in modern pop culture. The man is also known for his wacky style, including his penchant for wearing gothic garb and his ingenious use of a pair of earbuds to amplify his voice.

The best way to bring this legendary musical genius to life is to dress up in a costume that’s inspired by him. There are plenty of options, from the cheesy to the downright creepy, so it’s best to start with an ideabook and browse a few online stores for the perfect fit.

The top notch trick is to find a company that makes an upscale costume with quality construction and design, which is why we’ve rounded up our favorites. We’ve included some of the best-dressed costumes and best-made wigs around, so you can put together an outfit that will make the envy of your Halloween party guests.

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