Big Ang Funeral

Big Ang Funeral

Angela Ang ‘Big Ang’Raiola was buried on February 22. The Basilica of Regina Pacis, Brooklyn, was the final resting place for the 55-year-old actress and mob wife star. Her death came after a year-long battle with cancer. Her illness and funeral will be featured on the upcoming season of Mob Wives, airing Wednesday at 8 PM on VH1.

The wake featured prayers from a Catholic priest as well as photo collages that depicted her life. Ang was diagnosed last year with cancer after she had suffered from pneumonia. Her unique personality and legacy were praised by her family and friends. Big Ang’s sister spoke at her wake, saying that she and her late husband had been best friends for many years. Her sister said that the two were not only friends in the TV world but also had nothing to do the fame. In a heartfelt address, Ang’s fans gathered in Brooklyn for the funeral.

Angela Raiola, also known as “Big Ang”, died from cancer at the age 55. Her roles on Mob Wives and her witty sense and joy for life were her trademark. Her two children, six grandchildren and her estranged husband Neil Murphy are her survivors. has a complete eulogy. The funeral service was attended by several celebrities, including Mob Wives star Vinnie Medugno.

Two of Big Ang’s former “Mob Wives” co-stars were not able to attend the funeral as they were under witness protection. Sammy Gravano (Mob Wives) and Karen Gravano (Mob Wives) were also barred from the service. Their former bosses were in the witness protection program and were accused of ratting out mafia goons. Big Ang’s funeral was held in a private setting due to these developments.

Big Ang died after Dr. Mehmet Oz’s last interview. Big Ang spoke out about her fear of death and stated that she hoped to make a last public appearance to warn others about smoking. This made Oz’s appearance on his show even more poignant. It wasn’t until she was diagnosed with cancer in her brain, and lung that she learned the truth. Everyone who knew Big Ang was moved by her death.

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