Biden Pope Meme

The #PoopyPantsBiden and Pope Francis Memes

If you’re an avid Twitter user, you’ve probably noticed the latest trending topic is the #PoopyPantsBiden meme. The term is a spoof on the president’s infamous incident at the Vatican, where he reportedly pooped his pants. The rumor was quickly debunked by Snopes and Glenn Beck. However, it seems that the president’s trip to the Vatican isn’t quite over yet.

The vice president and pope met today and discussed various issues, including the global economy and the coronavirus pandemic. Biden was very complimentary of the Pope, praising his work to end a pandemic through vaccine sharing and promoting equitable global economic recovery. Several Twitter users also made fun of the meeting by sharing reactions and memes about it. Below are some of the most hilarious ones. You can also enjoy the following Joe Biden and Pope Francis memes.

The first Biden meme started on Twitter, and spread across the world. In fact, people were mocking the US President, and the hashtag “#PoppyPantsPoof” has been trending for over a week. The US President was one of the most popular trends on social media on Halloween night. But that didn’t stop his fans from trolling him further. Some of his tweets are hilarious, while others are ridiculous.

The second biden pope meme was shared on Twitter by a user who mispelled baseball and made a post on Instagram claiming that Biden met the Pope and was denied Communion. Biden, who is a Catholic, was meeting the Pope during an abortion debate. This led to a lot of misinformation on the Internet. However, the fact that the two men were Catholics does not mean that the Pope will deny the vice president of the United States Communion.

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