Best Western Breakfast Times

Best Western Breakfast Times

Breakfast at Best Western hotels is complimentary and includes a continental style buffet with hot items. You can choose to have eggs fried or scrambled, as well as your choice of cereal or fruit. Some of the more unusual items include sausage, egg and cheese everything bagel sandwiches, cupped spinach quiches, and fluffy but dry cheddar biscuits.

Breakfast is available every day from 6am until 10:30am, and you can walk in and enjoy your choice of cooked options. The full menu includes premium sausages, bacon, eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, baked beans, and black pudding. All Best Western hotels serve breakfast for free to children aged twelve and younger when accompanied by an adult.

You can also order breakfast in bed at many Best Western hotels. To find out which hotels offer this service, call ahead or visit the website of the hotel. Different Best Western hotels offer different types of breakfast and different service options. The Covid-19 pandemic has restricted breakfast options for travelers, but hotels have been experimenting with new options to accommodate their guests.

A buffet offers more choice than a fixed menu, and you can choose exactly what you want to eat, ranging from cereals and yogurt to toast, and cooked favorites such as eggs and black pudding. You may also find sausages and bacon at Best Western hotels. If you’re looking for bonus offers, check out the Best Western Rewards program.

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