Best Treasures Cookie Run Kingdom

The Best Treasures in Cookie Run Kingdom

If you’re looking to boost your characters in Cookie Run Kingdom, you can use the best treasures to your advantage. These are items that boost your characters’ attributes and can be very useful in challenging battles. There are three types of treasures in the game, common, rare, and epic. Remember that higher rarity doesn’t necessarily mean better quality, however. For example, a Squishy Jelly Watch is a common rarity, but it’s the most sought-after because of its effect.

The Grim-looking Scythe is an extremely rare Treasure, but it will increase your CRIT chances by 10%. Another rare Treasure is the Bear Jelly’s Lollipop, which will boost your strongest Cookie every five seconds for a short period of time. This Treasure is incredibly useful in Kingdom Arena, where your Cookie stats are crucial.

Blind Healer’s Staff is another great piece of gear. This weapon heals the lowest HP Cookie multiple times over 5 seconds, and it’s great for team members with low HP. This weapon is rare, but it’s worth the rarity because it can benefit so many different types of teammates.

The Old Pilgrim’s Scroll is another useful item. It can deal devastating damage to enemies, and it also works very well in Guild battles. When paired with an Old Pilgrim’s Scroll, it increases the attack power of all Cookies by a certain percentage. It may seem simple, but its ability makes it useful in every situation.

The Sugar Swan Shining Feather is also a good piece of equipment in Cookie Run Kingdom. It can revive a single Cookie, and it can also reset a Skill’s cooldown. In addition, it can help you get an Epic Treasure. Most of these items can also help you boost various stats in the game.

Cookie Run Kingdom offers a variety of ways to unlock new characters. For instance, a new Cookie may have an extra ability, or a special ability that you can use to deal massive damage to enemies. This unique ability also increases your attack speed for a short period of time. You can also use it to increase the ATK of summoned creatures.

Other items to find in Cookie Run Kingdom include the Squishy Jelly Watch and the Gatekeeper Ghost’s Horn. These items help you boost your Cookie’s defence, and they’re relatively easy to find in the Treasure Gacha. In addition, the Squishy Jelly Watch reduces the waiting time for all cookies in your party. These items can be obtained by using free treasure tickets.

A combination of these items can help you earn an S-Tier character faster. To do this, you can use multiple instances of Cookie Run Kingdom in order to increase your chances of getting it. Another unique item you can find is the Bookseller’s Monocle, which can be obtained through a Guild Gacha. It removes debuffs from the party and heals HP.

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