Best Toppings For Sorbet Shark Cookie

Best Toppings For Sorbet Shark Cookie

Sorbet Shark Cookie is a cookie from the deep blue sea. It loves to swim and watch people, especially pirates, at the seaside. In fact, he aspired to be one of them one day. Sadly, he never got the chance to go with the pirates. He would disappear in the sea for years, until one day, he burst out wearing a bright smile.

Sorbet Shark Cookie belongs to the Ambush class and prioritized in the Middle. Its best toppings are Swift Chocolate and Searing Raspberry. The Sorbet Shark Cookie comes with five slots for toppings, so make sure to use the right ones. These two ingredients will increase the attack of Sorbet Shark Cookie and decrease its damage. But keep in mind that you can also use other toppings to boost its stats.

Sorbet Shark Cookie has a 17 second cooldown. Toppings can make it last for a longer time and help players use the skill more often. The best choices are Swift Chocolate, Searing Raspberry, and Rainbow Pearls. The main difference between these three is the amount of ATK and DMG they give you.

Sorbet Shark Cookie’s appearance is unique from other cookies in the game. It appears in the game’s loading screen, banner, and story. The player will see this cookie in the game as a “rookie cookie” and must use his full potential to defeat his enemies. As Stink-Eye Tortuca’s assistant, Sorbet Shark Cookie often performs as a Sub-DPS, dishing out massive DMG to tank enemies.

The Sorbet Shark Cookie can be paired with Swift Chocolate Topping or Searing Raspberry Topping. The Swift Chocolate Topping will decrease the Sorbet Shark Cookie’s skill cooldown by 0.4 seconds, while the Searing Raspberry Topping will increase its attack damage by 2 to 3%.

In a typical matchup, the best toppings for sorbet shark will depend on the situation. If the Creme Republic is fighting against a team with a high-level damage dealer, the Sorbet Shark will most likely hit the enemy team, so make sure it hits one of these two teams.

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