Best Secondary Targets Cayo Perico

Best Secondary Targets in Cayo Perico

Although secondary targets are often overlooked in heist-world, they can be crucial to a mission’s success. Madrazo files contain many missions that take place on rooftops and inside buildings without loading screens. Your secondary targets can make or ruin a mission’s plans.

Secondary targets spawn in Cayo Perico’s northwestern corner, behind chainlink fencing. They are randomly generated and spawn in pairs, so you can expect a new secondary target every time you visit the island. You can also do a solo heist if you don’t have the time or people to join your group.

There are four types of Secondary Targets in Cayo Perico: Gold, Cash, Painting, and Drugs. The first three can be found in North Storage – Cam 1. The last two have four locations. Rotate your camera to find these locations. You’ll need to make sure your camera can see everything in each location, and then rotate it to look for hidden items.

The best secondary targets will give you the most loot value. While cash is a good secondary target, artwork is far more valuable. It’s also worth taking on the Elite Challenge for an extra reward, which will earn you $50,000 on normal or $100,000 on hard mode.

The Panther Statue is the highest paying primary target, and was introduced in the May 20th GTA Online update. It’s rare and only appears on special occasions, which means that you’ll have to be particularly careful if you want to get one. A successful heist that involves both the Panther Statue and the statue will earn you over two million dollars.

The best secondary targets for GTA Online will give you a higher payout, though they’ll not be as lucrative as the more popular ones. They’ll usually pay you $900. However, you will need to prioritize the most valuable items. This mission will require a lot of time and money.

The sewer is the easiest and most convenient route to El Rubio’s estate. To break into the sewer and unlock the loot boxes, you can use a blowtorch. A blowtorch will open locks without using a bolt cutter. One can be found at the seaside and on the estate of El Rubio.

The Madrazo crime family is having a disagreement with El Rubio and needs a trustworthy heistist to raid their fortress. This primary goal is to steal vital files. Miguel Madrazo will give you $1,100,000. If you succeed. Pavel can also be recruited from Kosatka submarine. Pavel will take two thousand dollars from the first heist to make the second heist more profitable.

Once you’ve secured the main target, it’s time to move on to the secondary targets. Two estate cameras can be used to explore El Rubio’s offices. The cocaine from here is the best secondary loot available to players. It’s also easy to find, so there are no glitches.

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