Best Retro Royale Deck

How to Build the Best Retro Royale Deck

Clash Royale is launching a new challenge, the Retro Royale Challenge. In this new mode, players are challenged to create a deck from the first 66 cards released in the game. However, it’s important to note that you cannot purchase new cards for this challenge. You must have sufficient experience with old cards to succeed in this challenge.

This deck has a good combination of 3.3 average elixir cost, decent attack and defense, and is relatively cheap. Its only investment cards are Ice Spirit, Knight, and Princess. All of them have decent damage outputs and can be used to respond to high-cost investment cards.

There are several types of retro royale decks. Choosing one that is geared towards completing the challenge will give you a distinct advantage over the competition. The challenge’s goal is to maximize your points by completing it in a fastest time. Remember that the most important cards in this deck may not be the best for the first season. They are the ones from the first year.

You must build a great Retro Royale deck if you want to be the best Retro royale player on the planet. The key to designing an amazing Retro Royale deck is to remember the old metas and popular decks. If you have played Clash Royale before, you’ll remember the three decks that dominated the game. You’ll want to think about which decks would be best against the types of opponents you’re facing.

The Hog Rider is the main win condition for this deck. It can be either a one-hit or two-hit raid. The Mini PEKKA is another win condition for this deck. It does incredible damage and can even destroy giants and golems. The Princess is another great troop to play with. She can destroy towers, deal high DPS and even kill Skeleton Armeies and Minion Hordes.

Another popular deck is the Lava Hound. This deck is made up of several classic cards, and it’s very powerful. It can be combined with the Inferno Dragon and the Balloon to reach the tower and cycle alongside other cards. This deck is great for a control-style game, because it has a powerful tank and is very effective in defending.

In order to compete in the Retro Royale challenge, you must win a total of 10 times. Although the rewards are not great, the challenge can help you get some extra gold. For example, you can get 600 gold by winning tier nine, and you can also get 25 gold and an Goblin Emote if you progress through all tiers.

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