Best Rear Shocks For Harley Davidson Touring

How to Choose the Best Rear Shocks For a Harley Davidson Touring

Whether you’re looking for an aftermarket suspension upgrade or are looking to improve the comfort of your Harley Touring, the best rear shocks can make a big difference. They not only keep you comfortable but also prevent you crashing on bumpy roads. Bottom out, which occurs when the lower part of the motorcycle hits the asphalt, can also lead to neck and back stiffness. Good shocks can help you accelerate quickly without requiring you to move your legs as much.

Consider how much weight you will be carrying when shopping for rear shocks. Heavy riders will place more strain on shocks than lighter riders so choose shocks that are heavy-duty. The manufacturer’s website has information about the maximum weight of the shock. You can also call the manufacturer directly to find out more. When choosing the best shocks to fit your motorcycle, you should also consider how many passengers you will be carrying.

The height of the bike is another factor to consider. Depending on your height, you might want a higher or lower bike to adjust the shocks to fit. To adjust the rider’s height, you might need to adjust spring preload. You should look for shocks that can adjust quickly and easily.

If you’re looking for a lower shock, a gas-charged shock may be right for you. This type of shock allows you to adjust the spring preload without requiring any special tools. This type of shock provides a smooth ride and more stable stance. Most online motorcycle stores recommend this type of shock, and you’ll find that they have good reviews.

Comfort is another important consideration when shopping for rear shocks for a Harley Davidson Touring. Comfort will reduce discomfort and keep you steady in corners. Easy installation is important for DIY enthusiasts. You could end up scraping your road and needing to make more costly repairs.

If you’re a do-it-yourself-type of rider, the Progressive Suspension 944 series of rear shocks will fit perfectly. They are easy to install and come with a lifetime warranty. They can be installed in three hours. They are also easily rebuildable because they are adjustable.

Progressive shocks from Harley are great for improving your ride comfort and handling. They have lower spring rates, stubby springs that are lighter than the rider, and short stiff valving to ensure better alignment. They improve ride stability and maintain the initial travel distance.

Rear shocks for Harleys can make a huge difference in the ride quality. Your stock shocks are probably made for a smooth road ride and can’t handle bumps and turns. You should check the preload and adjust it if needed to make your bike comfortable.

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