Best Places For Blizz Sorc To Mf

Best Places For Blizzard Sorc to Mf

The Blizzard Sorc is one of the most popular characters in World of Warcraft, and for good reason: his main strengths include a fast teleportation ability, high area damage, and a quick boss kill speed. A Blizzard Sorc’s great magic find ability is another benefit. He also has many great spells, such as Glacial Spike which freezes targets and Static Field which reduces the life span of cold-resistant monsters.

The Ancient Tunnels are the best place to farm cold sorc products. You can find unique mobs in this zone, including some that have Immune to cold. You can also find mercenaries in this zone that will kill the unique mobs and drop anything that your Sorc might need. The Ancient Tunnels are a level 85 zone. They can be accessed via the Lost City waypoint, scattered city ruins, or through the Ancient Tunnels.

There are many places you can farm magic items as a sorceress. While some areas are difficult for sorcs, others are much easier. Sorceresses can use Teleport from the Lightning Skill tree to move around fast. They don’t require Enigma Runeword which allows them to spend more time farming end-game items.

Frozen Orb Sorcs can farm with a Frozen Orb, which will provide them with a huge amount of Magic Find bonuses. They can also stack up to 300% Magic Find which is great for farming. They can also use Magefist or Bloodfist Magic Find items to reach their 250-300% FCR goals.

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