Best Place To Find Ore Wizard101

The Best Place to Find Ore in Wizard101

The Dragonspyre region is the best place to farm ore in Wizard101. You can find many mounds full of corrupted earth in this area that you can collect with the Yellow Teleport Stone. You can also farm in Marleybone or Krokotopia. These places have a good concentration of ore, but they’re slow.

Nightshade is another popular ore. It drops from the Grendel Urchin. To obtain it, you must complete the Zavala quest Danger After Dark. For this quest, you need to complete 30 bounties. The bounty requirements will vary depending on how much you play each week.

You can also find rare items, other than ore. Rare items include Acorns, Fossils, Stone Blocks, Diamonds, Ancient Scrolls, Nightshade, and Blood Moss. Rare items can be found in the Bazaar. These items can be found in the Bazaar.

It is essential to find reagents in order to craft items in Wizard101. There are many places to find them. Silver and wooden chests are great places to find them. They can also be found in deep mushrooms and comet tails. You can make rare rarities by collecting enough of these items.

You can also purchase white tiger and tiger flowers from the Olde Town crafting stations in Wizard City. A vendor near the crafting stations is called Eudora Tangletree. She can sell them for a small fee, depending on their rarity.

You must complete the main quests at Vigrid Roughland and Savarstad Pass in order to unlock Mirkholm Keep. Once you’ve finished those, wait for Merle Ambrose to call you. Talk to Bjorn Ironclaws, and you’ll unlock the area.

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