Best Pillow For Tmj

Choosing the Best Pillow For TMJ

For those who suffer from TMJ disorder, a pillow designed for the condition is a must. This type of pillow is made to help patients find the right sleeping position, improve blood flow, and alleviate pain caused by TMJ. Its unique design allows it adapt to any neck or head shape, helping to relax the jaw into the right anatomical position.

Although it is a bit expensive, the Therapeutica TMJ pillow can be worth the money spent. It has been shown to reduce pain in the surrounding muscles as well as the TMJ, with noticeable results within the first week. It has been shown to reduce headaches, jaw displacement, and jaw pain.

Another pillow designed for TMJ sufferers is the Better Sleep Pillow by Deluxe Comfort. This pillow is made of memory foam and can relieve TMJ pain while supporting your spine. However, this pillow may not be an effective solution for severe TMJ pain. To get a good night’s rest, you may need to undergo a more comprehensive TMJ treatment program.

Although there is not one pillow that is specifically made for TMJ disorder, there are many available online. The best position for TMJ pillows is important. In general, sleeping on your side or back will reduce pressure on the jaw and face. Avoid sleeping on your stomach as it can put pressure on your jaws and face.

A neck pillow is an important addition to the pillow you use for your head. These pillows are important because they stabilize your head. Proper alignment of the neck can significantly alleviate your pain. Some people find neck pillows too firm. It is also important to note that neck pillows aren’t suitable for stomach sleepers.

If you suffer from TMJ, it’s important to sleep on your back. Avoid sleeping on your stomach or side as this can raise your jaw and cause jaw pain. If you do find yourself sleeping on your side, avoid putting your hands behind your head. Ice or heat can be used to reduce swelling and relax muscles around your neck.

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