Best Pho In Philly

Best Pho in Philly

Pho is a delicious Vietnamese dish and Philadelphia has more than a few great pho joints. It can be difficult to choose one spot. There are many factors to consider such as the quality of the broth, the longevity of the noodles and the ratio of green to white onions. What’s the best Pho in Philly? It’s up to you. These are our top pho restaurants in Philly. They are listed by geographic location.

Saigon Pho Cafe specializes in Vietnamese cuisine and has three locations. It started out as a small hole in the wall, but it has grown to become one of Chinatown’s best pho spots. Saigon Pho offers a wide selection of traditional Vietnamese favorites. It is a great place for pho and learning more about Vietnamese cuisine. It is also a favorite spot for Anthony Bourdain and a great place to learn about pho.

Two Pho restaurants in Philadelphia offer authentic Vietnamese food. The first location, on Market Street, is the easiest to find, while the second is tucked away on Arch Street. The food at both Pho Houses is excellent, with generous portions and generous garnish plates. Both locations are open every day, except Wednesdays. The restaurant also offers vegetarian options.

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Phuc Khao is another great place to get the best pho in Philly. This Vietnamese restaurant offers a large menu of Vietnamese dishes and takeaway options. With a long history of serving this tasty dish, you’re sure to find something you love. And you won’t regret it.

Another excellent spot for pho is Cafe Nhan on Passyunk Street. This cozy spot is a favorite all-around. It offers an extensive menu and welcomes vegetarian pho lovers. They also offer beef brisket and tofu pho, aswell as plain noodles in broth.

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