Best Mighty Miner Deck

How to Build the Best Mighty Miner Deck

The best Mighty Miner deck is one that focuses on fast cycling. This deck will have two key pieces – the Spear Goblin and the Magic Archer. These units are both excellent tank killers that can take out enemy tanks and air troops. As a starting move, the Spear Goblin is the best choice as it can cycle the Royal Ghost onto the bridge and the Battle Ram onto the tower. It can also attack and support your Mighty Miner’s magical power.

The Mighty Miner is a powerful defense card. You can use it to protect your tower, which will slow your opponent’s troops down. The Poison and the Tornado are two other cards that can help you defend your tower. You can also use the Baby Dragon to take out enemy air troops. Graveyard can slow down the troops of your opponent, while the Ice Wizard can cause damage to enemy troops. Another good choice for this deck is the Mega Knight, which will distract the opposing lane.

Mighty Miner can also be used in support roles. It is important to support your Mighty Miner with units that will help you kite. For instance, if you have a Mighty Miner and an Electro Giant, then you can use Lightning in double elixir to defend your Mighty Miner. You can also use a Goblin Giant in support of your Mighty Miner to counter a swarm of units.

A deck that focuses both defense and offense is the best Mighty Miner deck. The Mighty Miner is a versatile Hero card that can switch sides quickly. He can be used to tank your opponent’s skeleton army. In addition to that, Mega Minions can also take care of air troops.

Another important consideration is countering Mighty Miner with a card that can disrupt it. A Mighty Miner can be countered by a ranged tank killer or a tanky melee card. If you have a Skeleton army, you can use it to defend yourself or counter a Mighty Miner. King Tower is a great counter to Mighty Miner.

A deck that includes the Mega Knight Mighty Miner is another great Mighty Miner deck. This deck has plenty of power in Arena 14. Mega Knight is a great tank, and can be combined with Mighty Miner to create a powerful combo. In addition, he is a strong crowd control fighter and can help you to mine poison.

The Mighty Miner has a range that can make it less reliable than Inferno Dragon against units that ignore troops. The Mighty Miner can also run out of range if it is within close proximity to a building.

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