Best Lumberloon Deck

The Best Lumberloon Deck Strategies

One of the best lumberloon deck strategies is the use of the Lumberjack, who can quickly freeze an enemy tower and troops. The knight is a melee troop that deals moderate damage and has high HP. This card is a good one to use. A Musketeer can be used as a support for a lumberjack to help him eliminate a lot of troops in one shot.

Another great combination for this card is Balloon Ice Golem. This card can be a problem for your opponent, but it will also allow you to attack with other cards. This deck is also relatively F2P-friendly, since it only contains one legendary troop, two epics and several commons.

The Mega Knight is another good choice to counteract the Baby Dragon. Its ability to jump will allow it to inflict damage on towers. The Wizard is another powerful card in this deck. It has the ability to zap the units of its opponents. It also deals damage to bridges and towers.

The Balloon deck is aggressive and can push your opponent. When playing with a Balloon, you want to wait for your opponent’s first move before using the balloon. This will make it more difficult for your opponent to defend against the ballon, and will also give you more damage.

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